Components for the robot are widely used and can be bought in different places. We don’t recommend any suppliers mentioned via links below - please select any shops/suppliers you like, the links are provided only for reference.

  • Single-board computer like Raspberry PI, Odroid or Orange PI as a braind with AI, camera and sound sensors

  • 3d-printing with regular PLA

  • Cost-effective servo motors and electronics

The robot can be also ordered as a kit (electronics only, electronics + 3d-printed parts, or fully assembled robot) from us. To make an order please contact us via Goodlancer order form .

List of components#


  1. Microcomputer - select one version
  2. Camera Module 3.6mm with Microphone NEO Coolcam 30fps HD 4MP 2560x1440 USB $20

  3. Adafruit PCA9685 Servo controller $4

  4. screws m2,m3 , nuts $10

  5. MG996R Servo 6 pieces $45

  6. PLA (1kg) base and details $50

  7. Servo tester $7 used for motor testing

  8. LiPo battery Gens ACE 3300mAh 3S XT60 $37.9

  9. Power wires XT60 female $6

  10. 20 AWG 2pins wire $3.7

  11. ESP-LCD Display 800*480 ips rgb,8M PSRAM,16M flash $28.1

  12. Speaker hk-5002 $13.5

  13. Servo extension wires 300mm FM $0.3

  14. Display power wires 2pin usb-B $1.6

  15. LiPo Charger 3S XT-60 $7.6

  16. DC power converter 12V to 5V 15A for motors $10

  17. DC power converter 12V to 5V 3A for display $3

  18. Micro USB Typec Cable L-shape 1м $2

  19. Micro USB Female 2P Charger Wire Connector $2

  20. Micro USB Type c Cable 2 pin for Orange Pi $7.7

  21. Rocker Switch With Light 4 Screw $1

  22. Crimp Spade Terminal connector pack $10.6

  23. Jumper wire dupont cable for DIY kit female to female and male to male (red and black) $0.5

  24. HDMI L-shaped wires A1-A2 50cm $5

  25. Screw terminal 12-pole 10A $1

TOTAL PRICE ESTIMATION : $400 ** Prices are approximate and may vary, they do not include shipping costs and customs duties.